Change Owner Contact Name

Sometimes Assessor's GIS Ownership data will lag behind the pace at which ne owners want to pull permits. When this is the case, you may need to change the Parcel Owner Contact. Below are instructions:

1. On the Created Permit Form, go the Contacts Tab, and highlight the erroneous parcel owner.

2. Click on Options.

3. Select "Remove" 

4. Still on the Contacts Tab of the Permit Form, Click "Add".

5. In the First Pop-Out, Choose "Add Other"

6. In the Second Pop-Out, Select the Relationship Type "Parcel Owner"

7. Click okay. This will be bring you to the contact search box where you can search for the correct owner, or choose to Create a New Contact if the new owner does not have a record in the system.

NOTE: Many client also have a detail property that fills in the current property owner from GIS as a text field. So you may also want to:

1. Click on the Details Tab on the Permit Form.

2. Edit the name of the owner listed in the Property Owner Detail Field. 

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