Change a Contact's Relation Type

Every contact associated with a LAMA case has a designated Relation to that case (e.g., Petitioner, Defendant, Parcel Owner, etc.), which may matter for some LAMA functions like sending notifications, setting a license holder's name, who is selected as the default payer, and so forth.

On the Contacts tab, if the contact you want to change isn't already selected (it will have a light blue background if is), select it by clicking on the space to the left of the envelope icon.

From the Options drop-down menu on the Contacts tab, select "Change Relation Type."  As you can see in this example, James Pitot is the Parcel owner.

Which Relation options you will see will depend on the module you're in. This example is from the Permits module.  A contact can have more than one Relation Type, so you can check all of the types that apply.

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