Associate a Violation with a License

The following are steps to associate a violation (or other items) with a license – for example, associating a Taxi violation with a Driver’s license record.

1.  Select the license you want to add the violation to.  Click on the Relations tab on the License Form and click the Add button.
a.  If you already have a violation selected in the violations module, it will show up as one of the options in the Choose Objects to Associate box. Check the violation (or violations) you want to connect to the license and click OK.
b. To search for a different violation OR to create a brand new one, place a checkmark in “ Item is not Listed Above” to see more choices:
i. If you select “Search for an Existing Item”, you will need to know the violation number:
ii. If you select “ Create a New Violation,” LAMA will open the regular new violation form.  When you finish creating the violation, it will automatically be added to the license Relations tab.  You can click on any Incident in the list to open the specific violation case.

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