Checking for Bad Map Layers and Map Layer Fields

Bad map layers or map layer fields can not only interfere with what populates in an object's details, in some cases it can cause serious errors or prevent you from creating an object (Work Orders seem to be especially sensitive to map layer issues).

A quick way to test whether a map layer or map layer field is referring to a layer or field that is no longer available on the map service is to check whether the layer or field name appears in the drop-down list when you click on it.

  1. Start with Map Layers.
  2. Filter for "ArcGIS Server" in the Source column (none of the other source types make any difference).
  3. For every non-blank cell in the Layer Name column, click the drop-down arrow and make sure the listed layer name is in the drop-down list. If it is a valid layer name, you'll see it highlighted in the list.
    If it is not a valid layer name, nothing will be highlighted in the drop-down list, and the list will start at the top. Either erase it, or select the correct layer name.
    Check every Layer Name, whether or not there are any detail properties set for it.
  4. Go to Map Layer Fields. If you had to change any Map Layer names, it is likely that you will have to do some editing here as well.
  5. Just like before, filter for "ArcGIS Server" in Source.
  6. Check every non-blank cell in Field Name.

    If there are no items at all in the drop-down list, that means that nothing is set for this Field Type in Map Layers. In the example below, no layer is set for "Fee Zones," so there are no options to choose from for the "Name" field.
    Otherwise, check whether the field name is highlighted in its drop-down list as above for Map Layers.

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