Checklist Items

To add or edit checklist items on an event, go to your module's  Events (Associations) table.  (It is possible, but not recommended, to set checklist items in Base Events as well.)

In the row with the Event name and case type that you want to edit, click on "[x] Items" in the  Checklist column to open the checklist form.

If the Event you are editing has checklist items set on its Base Event, you will see them listed, but you will not be able to edit them.

To add another item, click the  Add button at the top of the form, and a new row will appear with the Source "Associated Type." What you type in the Title cell will be the text the user sees. If you only need a user to check OK, Deficient, or N/A, you can click Save and Close to finish, or Add to add another row.

Checklist items can also be configured to require the user to upload a document, or to open a specific detail or group of details for the user to complete.

Require a Document

To require the user to upload a document in order to continue, check the Require Document checkbox, and give the document a title.  All documents uploaded in this way will have that filename in LAMA, and will be saved in the Required Submittals folder in the documents folder tree.

Require Details

Required details are not actually required to be completed before a user proceeds with completing an event, but configuring required details does open the details form to the specific detail(s) selected before the user can proceed.

In the  Req Details column, click in the cell on the same row as the checklist item you are editing in order to open the list of details to choose from. The details are grouped by their feature classification (e.g., "All Cases - Main Data"). You can use the "Search" box at the top of the form to limit the list of options.

The user will see the selected detail(s) filtered like this, with none of the "noise" of other details and categories.

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