Clearing Your Browser Cache (Internet Explorer and Chrome)

If a website (including the LAMA Remote Resource page) is not behaving as expected, and IT has confirmed that it is not an issue on the server side, you might be able to fix it by clearing your web browser's cache (i.e., something might have saved in your browser's cache files that shouldn't have been, and for some reason it is failing to update with new information from the website you are trying to use).


Go to Settings by clicking the three dots to the left of your search/address bar, and select Settings near the bottom of the menu.


Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Settings page, and click on the Show advanced settings... link to reveal more options.

In the Privacy section, click on the button that says Clear browsing data... (don't worry, it won't clear anything yet).


Uncheck anything you don't want to delete (but make sure Cached images and files is checked), and select how far back you would like to delete files.


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