Grouping by a Category

1. To enable the Group By header, click on the Grid Options button above the grid.

2. Click on the words “Toggle Group By."

Repeating these steps (1 & 2) will remove the Group By header if you no longer wish to see it. Repeating these steps (1 & 2) again will bring it back.

3.  Click on the Column header for the column you want to group by (in this example it is “address”) and drag it into the Light Blue Group by Header. By default all the Addresses that are the same will be grouped together in the collapsed rows. To view the individual permits for that address, click on the plus sign (+) on the left to expand the rows.
4.  The number of permits on each address will be shown in parenthesis at in each address’ summary row.  
This Group By feature is helpful when exporting data for reports.

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