Add a Review (or More Review Divisions) to an Event

NOTE: Many cases have check-boxes in their Details to trigger reviews.  If a check-box trigger is available, use that option.

Many LAMA events are pre-configured to require reviews by specific divisions, but you can add another division or divisions manually as well.

  1. On the Events tab, click Manage to open the full event form.
  2. The Review column is to the right of the Date column. (The column header may be hard to read.  If so, you can widen the column.)  In the row of the event that you want to associate with a review, click the corresponding cell in the Review column.  If there is already one (or more reviews) associated with the event, there will already be a green checkmark in that column.  If not, it will be blank.
  3. Clicking in that cell opens the Event Review Trigger form. You can select as many review divisions as required from the list on the right.
    Make sure to check the Triggers a New Review checkbox in the upper left corner:

  4. You should see whatever review(s) you selected on the Reviews tab now. If you need to add or remove reviews again, you can reach the Event Review Trigger form the same way as the first time, and check or uncheck whatever you need.
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