Review and Add Comments

*** NOTE***

Adding Review Comments does not notify applicants.
Once your comments are complete, you must notify the applicant yourself.
See the 
Notifying Applicants article for instructions.

The example case in this article will be a permit review, but reviews work the same way in all the modules.

Reviews are associated with Events. An Event with one or more Reviews can't be marked "Complete" or "Approved" until all of the related Reviews are completed.

There are two ways to open your Reviews from the Permit Form.

  1. Go directly to the Reviews tab on the Permit Form. It will have a list of Reviews, organized by the Events they're associated with. If the Event associated with your Review isn't the one selected, click the plus sign (+) next to the appropriate Event name.
  2. Go to the Event on the Events tab and try to mark it Complete. If there any incomplete Reviews on the Event, LAMA will open a form with the Reviews associated with that Event selected.

If you have no comments to make, your can select the appropriate status (e.g. Complete, Approved) from the drop-down list to the right of your Review Division's name.

If you need or want to add comments, click on the Review Division's name (Zoning in this example) to open the Comments form.

Double-check that the correct division name is still selected in the navigation pane to the left, and then click Add Comment on the menu at the top of the form.

If this is a comment that requires a response from someone (e.g. the petitioner is missing a required document, or the plans need to be amended), leave the Status Open, and type your comment under the Comment column in the grid.

A comment's status of Open does two things - it lets other LAMA users know that an issue is unresolved,
Comments that don't have a status of Open will not show up in certain forms and notifications for applicants, including the "Notify Applicant" feature in the Comments form.

Add as many comments as you need - you can return to Comments to mark them Resolved or Withdrawn as responses come in.

In this example, only the first comment will go out on a Plan Review Letter or applicant notification.

Other users will be able to see the number of comments you've made, and the number that are still open from the Reviews tab, but it's also a good idea to change the Review Status from "Pending" to "Revisions Needed".

Any LAMA user can view the Review Comments by clicking on any Reviews, or by clicking on View Comments on the Review Tab menu, and then using the navigation tree to see all the comments, or just a selection of them.

LAMA can also store frequently used comments in the Comment Templates, to save you from re-typing the same things over and over again. See the Comment Templates article for instructions on how to use pre-existing stored comments, and how to save your own comments to your division's templates.

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