Row Number Limits

As of the December 2017 LAMA update, there is a Row Number Limit feature in LAMA searches in order to improve performance.

When you perform a search using either the Quick Search Box or a Query Tree Node, LAMA will display as many records that match up to the number selected in the Row Number box above the grid:

For example, if you search for all New Construction permits and you have 50 selected in the Row Number box, you will see only 50 permits in the grid.

Fifty is the default number of rows you'll be shown if you haven't already selected a different number of results. If you have selected any option other than All, your future row number limit for searches in that module will default to whatever number you've selected.  (All will never be saved as the default selection).

If you would like to expand the number of results after completing a search, you can change the row number and then click the Refresh icon above the grid to re-run the search.

Using the Quick Search Form will still return as many results as there are in LAMA, regardless of the row number limit selected above the grid.

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