Select an Entire District on the Map

By default, when you use the map selector tool in LAMA, it selects the individual parcel you click on. You can change what type of map shape it selects to an entire district (or other type of shape) in the Map Legend.

Whichever shapefiles have the "Active" status checked, this means that the file elements are selectable. You can view all the permits, licenses, violations, etc., that fall within a selected shape by using the  Map Shapes node on the Query Tree.

For example, to select a Council District and view all of the permit applications within the district, begin by making the Council Districts layer (council_districts.shp) active in the Map Legend.


Next, use the Selection Tool in the map. If your mouse pointer turns into a plus sign when it's over the map, you have the Selection Tool active. If you see a different mouse pointer, you can activate the Selection Tool by clicking on its icon above the map.  


Click anywhere in a Council District to select it.  (TIP: You can zoom all the way out by clicking the icon that looks like a globe in the map toolbar.)


In the Permits Query Tree, find the "Map Shapes" node and expand it.


The default number of rows displayed in the grid at one time is only 50. If you want to see more than the 50 most recent permits, you can change that by selecting a higher number (or "All") from the "Rows" drop-down above the grid, and clicking the "Refresh" button.


Other modules' query trees also have a Map Shapes node as well.

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