Drawing a Shape on the Map

You can draw your own free-form Map Shapes on the LAMA map, and use them to search for objects (e.g., permits, projects, etc.) that fall within the shape, or to create a new object based on that shape (rather than on a selected address or parcel).

The tools to draw a line or a polygon are on the drop-down list below the icon that looks like connected dots above a ruler. The choice on the left (with a question mark) is for drawing a line (for instance, for a parade permit application). The choice on the right is for creating a closed shape. They are called the Measuring Tools because in addition to adding lines to the map, they can also calculate distance and area.

If you don't see the Measuring Tools on your map toolbar, right-click anywhere on the map toolbar and make sure that you have Map Tools selected.

To draw a closed polygon, select the Polygon Measure and click on the map wherever you would like to start drawing your shape. Your mouse pointer will look like a pencil when it's over the map.

Each single-click you make will add a new corner, and the line between your last click and your most recent line segment will turn blue.

When you are ready to add the last corner and close the shape, double-click on that corner.

As you move your mouse over the map between clicks, the red lines will show you what the shape would be if you double-clicked wherever your mouse is at that moment.  (It will also show you the length of those lines.)

You can click as many times as you need in order to select a curved or oddly shaped area.

If the area you need to select does not all fit within your map view, you can switch to the Panning Tool (the hand icon) without having to close your shape, and then switch back when you've adjusted your map view.

To search for items that fall within your map shape (e.g., all the permits within its extent), go to your Query Tree and scroll to Map Shapes. Expand the plus-sign next to the Map Shape node to see your shape (or shapes).

When you draw a polygon, LAMA creates both a "Custom Polygon" and a "Custom Line." Use the "Custom Polygon" node, not the line.

If you have more than one shape drawn on the map, the polygon you drew most recently will have the highest number.

The grid will populate with all the permits (or projects, parcels, etc.) within your shape.

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