Relocate Item on Map and Update GIS Details

In most modules, the option to relocate an item is in the Form > Edit menu (in Licenses, the option is only in the Grid menu, but the steps will be essentially the same as the other modules).

Using "Associate With Selected Addresses"

Select the item that needs to be moved to a different parcel and address (in this example, a permit), and then select the new address that you want to move it to in the Addressing window.

Select "Associate With Selected Addresses" from the Permit Form's Edit menu.

LAMA will open a form with the permit's address(es) and your new selected address(es). Make sure the correct address is checked, and click OK.

Using "Relocate Point"

You can also use the "Relocate Point" option on the Edit menu.  This is especially useful if the parcel you need to move the permit to doesn't have an address point.

This will open a form with several options:

  • Use Currently Selected Address: This will be available if you have an address already selected in Addressing.
  • Use Currently Selected Parcels: This will be available if you have a parcel already selected on the map.
  • Street, Block, or Intersection: In the event that a case is not at a regular address or parcel, you can find an intersection or block in this section.
  • Choose an Existing Shape on the Map: If you have a shape drawn on the map (for instance, a parade route), you will see that as an option in this section.
  • Mouse-Clicked Location: To use this feature to click a point on the map, first click on the icon to the right of the text box under "Mouse-Clicked Location."  That will open up a box with brief instructions on how to left-click to set a point. When you click OK in that box, your mouse pointer will become a pencil when you hover over the map, and wherever you click will be selected as the permit's new location. If there is an address nearby, LAMA will fill in the address label, but you can overwrite that later if that is not correct.
  • County, Township, etc.: These sections are for LAMA users in other municipalities.


Either of the processes above will change the X-Y coordinates of the permit or other object and show it at its new location on the map. They will  not change any of the GIS details in the permit (or other object), e.g., the zoning, historic district, tax bill numbers, etc. On old objects, it isn't always desirable to change their GIS information, because zoning and other features may have changed since it was originally created. 

To update the GIS information in a recent permit or object that's been relocated, start by clicking Manage on the Details tab.

At the top of the Details form that opens, click on the  Reset icon, and select Reset GIS Details. This will recalculate anything that comes from GIS, without changing any of the user-entered information (e.g., Construction Value, Work on the exterior of the building, etc.).

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