Adding and Arranging Map shapefiles

You can find the  Map Legend form in the same place as your License/Permit/etc., forms.  Find its tab along the right side of your LAMA window.

To browse the shapefiles available to all LAMA users, begin by clicking the plus-sign icon at the top left of the "Map Legend" form.

LAMA shapefiles are stored on your own C drive, in C:\LAMA\shp.  (Whenever new shapefiles are added, LAMA will save them to this folder the next time you open LAMA.) You can also save other shapefiles to your C:\LAMA\shp folder and view them on your LAMA map.

After you select your shapefile and click the Open button, the layer will be added to your LAMA Map Legend at the top, checked as Visible by default.

Note:  Checking "Visible" means you can see the outline or shape(s) on your map.  Checking "Active" means you can select the feature on your map.

If the topmost layer is covering other layers that you need to see, you can use the up and down arrows on the tool bar to move the top layer farther down, or a lower layer farther up.  To select a layer to move it, click to the left of the layer name (under the Icon column).

Layers that are marked Visible are visible on the LAMA map, but you can also view their associated data. Right-click over the location on the map that you would like to see the shapefile data for, and select Identify Features.

To see color-coded sections on your map, click on the layer name in the Map Legend to open its  Properties. Click on Symbols to open the Layer Renderer. Set the Render Type to “Unique Values," and then choose the appropriate Field from the shapefile’s data.

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