Daily Payment Log

If you enter payments in LAMA, you can generate a report on every payment you personally took for the date or dates you select.

  1. Go to Reports on the View tab of the main menu ribbon.
  2. In the list of reports, scroll down to Cashiering - Daily Payment Log and click the View button.
  3. Select the date (today's date is selected by default) and click OK. You can also select a range of dates by clicking on the first date and dragging to the last, but as a rule, payments should be balanced daily:
  4. Select the payment method or methods, e.g., Check, Credit Card, or Money Order and click OK:
  5. Select your name from the Cashier list and click OK.

    *** If you do not see your name on the list, it means that you did not take any payments on that date(s) you chose, with the payment method(s) you chose.  If you think that is incorrect, you may have selected the wrong payment method when you took the payment (e.g., accidentally clicking "Credit Card" instead of "Money Order" on the drop-down list. Start over again and select all the payment methods. 
  6. LAMA will generate an Excel spreadsheet with a detailed list of each payment you took including the permit/license/violation number, the check/money order/credit card number you entered, the amount, and the receipt number. The payments are subtotaled by type to make it easier to find any differences between the totals of the checks/money orders/etc., that you have and the totals recorded in LAMA.
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