Log Out of Parallels

To log out/off of an active Parallels connection, start by opening the Parallels client window. If you have an active connection and/or Parallels Client open, you should see the Parallels client icon in the notification icon area of you taskbar (near the clock). Double click on the icon to open the Parallels Client window.

The Parallels Client window will look like this:

From the window above, you can:

  • right click on the named connection, the choose "Log out"
  • right click on the word "Connections", then choose "Log out all RAS Sessions"
  • from the Sessions menu, click "Log out" or "Log out all RAS Sessions"

Note: Your connection will need to be active for the options to be available. If the options above are greyed out, you will first need to connect/login.

Finally, its recommended to wait 30-60 seconds before logging back in to ensure the log out has time to fully process.

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