Create/Load a Contractor Profile

Saving contractor information in a contractor profile means that the same group of contractors will be used over and over again on different or repeated permits.  For example, a contractor is building many home types in a large subdivision or shopping center and the same groups of contractors/subcontractors are doing the work (general contractor, plumbing company, electrical company, roofing company, etc.).  A contractor profile listing all the names of the companies and their information, along with licenses, can be named and saved for future use.

To create a Contractor Profile, complete the following steps.

1.  Select the Contractor's tab > Options > Add Contractor.

2.  Place a checkmark on the first contractor type to be added.

3.  Type in the name of the contractor.

4.  Click on the binocular icon to search the database for the contractor's name.  Select the contractor from LAMA's Contacts database, using Selected Record when found.

5.  Select OK.  Repeat this steps until all contractors have been added to the Contractor's tab.

6.  The Contractor's tab now lists all contractors who will be doing work on this permit.  From the toolbar click Profiles > Save As Contractor Profile.

7.  The Profile window appears.  Give your contractor profile a name (name of subdivision, name of builder, etc.) and select OK to save.  (I used the name "Turtle Creek Subdivision" for this example.)

8.  Load a Contractor Profile to a Permit.  To load a Profile to a new permit, from the toolbar select Profiles > Load Contractor Profile.

9.  Select the Load Profile from Database option.  

10.  Select the drop-down arrow to see the list of saved contractor profiles.  Select your profile and OK.

11.  All the contractor's names and information from pop into my contractor's window.

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