Calendar Settings - Share My Calendar

User permissions for LAMA’s calendar must be set up by each user – Who Can View and Who Can Edit.  If you give a person permission to view and/or edit your calendar, they must give you the same in order for you to view and/or edit their calendar.

1.  From the View tab, select the Calendar icon.

2.  Select the Settings tab.

3.  Then select the icon, Share My Calendar.  

4.  A list of LAMA users will appear on your screen.  Please a checkmark in the Can View and/or Can Edit column, giving the selected person(s) permissions to edit and/or view your calendar.

5.  To view or schedule on another person's calendar, they must follow the same setup steps.  Now select the tab, Owner View, then the date you wish to view.

6.  In the example below, I selected three inspector's calendars that I want to view side-by-side.  I can now schedule or move an inspection on their calendars.

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