Organization of Online Account

On your web account, there are several features to help organize your items.

To view all your items, under Your Account select "Your Items" from the list of drop-down options to make each item appear.  

Each category (permit/license/project/violation) is color coded.  For example, the permit category is color coded as "green," and when your list of items is displayed, the color coding of an associated permit is viewable on the left side of the permit row.

To organize by each category, there are several sort features: Show, Sort by and Items Per Page.

Show:  This allows you to sort by All, Watch List or category type (permit/license/project/violation/work order).

Sort by:  This allows you to sort by Recently Modified, Filing Date (Newest or Oldest), or Person/Business.  The default sort order is "Recently Modified" and older permits will fade away onto subsequent pages if there is not any activity.  Newer/active permits will display on the first or second pages.

Items Per Page:  This allows you to sort by selecting the number of items that can be viewed on a page at a time (10 (default), 20, 50, 100, 200).

To organize permits that are of interest to you or are active permits, you can save these permits to your "Watch List."  On the respective permit, select the check box (step 1).  Under (Select an action) from the list of drop-down options (step 2), select Add to Watch List (step 3).  Select Submit (step 4).  

Under Your Account, select Your Watchlist Items, and this will bring up any items that you have added to your watch list.  You can remove the permit from your watchlist using the same steps described above, but select Remove from Watch List.

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