Selecting Map Shapes by Layer Fields (Attributes)

1.  The Value Finder or "Select Value" tool is located on the toolbar above your map.  If you don't see yours, right-click anywhere in the toolbar space around or on top of the map to bring up the menu for different toolsets.  

2.  Select “ Value Finder” from the drop-down menu. 
3.  The Value Find will now be displayed next to your other map tools.
4.  Click on the small dark blue down arrow on the right end of the Value Finder Tool.
5.  Select “Value Finder Properties.”
6.  In the pop-out, click on the down arrow next to the Layer Name Field.
7.  Select the name of the layer that you want to be able to select attributes from.
8.  Click on the the down arrow next to the "Specify the Field" box.
9.  Select the field you want to be able to select by. Once you’ve select the field, click OK. 
In this example, I choose the Field “Subdivision” because I know from previous times I have identified map information that this field contains the name of the subdivision.
10.  Now, returning to the Value Finder Tool in the Map Toolbar, click on the small down arrow next to the Select Value Field. 
11.  Choose the value you want to see displayed on the map. 
In this example, I wanted to see Beech Hill Creek on the map, so I selected it from the list.
12.  Click the “ Go” button on the Value Finder Tool, and the map will select the feature you chose from the list and select (shown by the blue outline).
Once you’ve selected a shape on the map this way, it’s easy to:
1.  Go to the Query Tree
2.  Expand the Map Shapes Query, and
3.  Click on your selected Map Shape to see all of the Permits in that area. (Note: It works the same way in Violations, Projects, and Licenses.)

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