Checking and Updating Your Contractor Status Online

Checking and Updating Your Contractor Status Online

1.  After logging in, click on your name in the Hello, ____________ message.

2.  Scroll down the Account screen to the "Contractor Registration" section, and place a checkmark in the box to indicate that you are registering as a contractor.

3.     Select the contractor/license holder type you are registering as.

4.       Click Save Changes.

5. The screen will refresh. Now, click on the Check Your Contractor Status button.

6.       Look for items with the white X in the red circle. If there are any, click on the blue words next to that icon.

7.        Use the "Policy Number" field to enter your license number.

8.        Use the "Issued By" field to enter the State name if you are entering a State license or the Municipality name for a business license.

9.        Enter the "Issue Date."

10.    Enter the "Expiration Date."

11.    Upload a digital or scanned version of the license.

12.    Click Save.

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