Parallels Set Up

A.      Login to LAMA Server

1.  Navigate to and login with your credentials.

a.  Change your password, if prompted.

2.  (Optional) If you need to install the Parallels client, click the Download Client and install the client from the user menu in the top-right.

3.  (Optional) If you need to change your password, click the Change Password option on the user menu in the top-right.

B.      Parallels Client: Setup New Connection

1.  If you just installed Parallels, create a new connection when prompted when you first open Parallels. Or you can right-click on Connections (in Parallels on the left- side) and click New Connection.

a.  Choose Parallels Application Server, if prompted

b.  On the new Connection Screen click Advanced Settings.

c.   Follow the steps below in Section C.

C.      Parallels Client: Update Existing Client

1.  Right-click the existing connection on the left-side in Parallels, and choose Connection Properties.

2.  Complete the Connection Properties, as shown:

a.  Primary Connection:

b.  Connection Mode: Gateway SSL Mode

c.  Port:  443

d.  Friendly Name:

e.  Auto Logon: Unchecked (false)

f.   Authentication Type: Credentials

g.  Username: <your username>

h.  Password: <your password>

i.  Save Password: Checked (true)

j.  Domain: onlama

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