Advanced Online Searches

Performing Online Searches

Example Find All Permits Issued in August of 2020

To perform this search, you will need to be logged into the system. To learn about setting up an account, watch the video available at

Once you are logged in:

1.       Click on the words Advanced Search in the upper right corner of the site.

2.       Select the type of information you want to search for. This example shows Permits selected.

3.      In this example we are looking for all permits issued during August of 2020. So I select Issue Dates beginning on 8/1/2020 and ending on 8/31/2020.

NOTE: I can be more specific in my search by selecting a particular permit type or entering an applicant name.

4.       Then, I click the Search button.

I can see that 169 items were found.

Exporting Search Results

Now, most users will want to do something with those items. You can export this data and manipulate it in Excel by using the two drop-down menus under the word Results.

1.       Once your results are displayed, you can export the results to Excel by changing "Selected Items" to "All Items."

2.       On the Select an action menu choose Export.

3.       Then click the blue Submit button.

Your web browser will download a file you can open in Excel containing all of the records. If you have an issue finding the file, try checking your downloads folder.

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