Adding an Inspection Request to a Permit

Inspection Requests on a Permit (for requesting online inspections)

When going to Your Account > Your Items, you might see unscheduled inspections on your permit.  You will see a link for scheduling an inspection just under the Permit Type. To schedule your inspection:

1.        Click on the Schedule an Inspection link (icon with the small blue wrench).

2.       A warning screen will pop-up with important information about how far in advance to schedule your inspection.  Read the information and click to indicate that you understand.

3.       Enter the contact information for the person the inspector should contact onsite, as well as the phone number and any related notes.

4.        From the calendar, select your requested inspection date and choose whether you prefer a morning or afternoon inspection.

5.        Click Close to submit your request.

Adding an Inspection Not listed on the Pop-out

To add an inspection online that is not listed on the quick schedule, complete the following:

1.        Locate the application by searching for the number or go to Your Items and click on the View Link under the address number.

 2.        On the next screen, click on the Inspections tab.

3.    Click on the Add Inspection button.

4.        Select the Type of Inspection from the drop-down.

5.        Click Save.

6.        You will see a success message indicating that inspection has been added.

7.        Click "I'm ready for this Inspection" to schedule.

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