Setting Email Notifications

This example will show you how to set up an email notification for every time a new review is added in a Planning Project. The steps for setting up email notifications in other modules are the same.

  1. Go to the Settings tab on the Main Menu Ribbon at the top of the screen and click the Notifications icon.
  2. In the Notifications form, click on the module you need - in this example, it's Project. When you select Project, the list of options to the right changes from the notification types available for Addressing to the notification types available in Projects.
  3. Find the Review Added line, and click in the checkbox next to it. You'll see the text in the Settings column change from "Not Set" to "1 Day Before". Click on 1 Day Before to open Notification Settings.
  4. Click the Select button next to the text box for Instance Types. This will open a list of all the review divisions in the Projects module to select from - since it's probably not useful to get notifications of all project reviews. You can use Uncheck All to deselect everything, and then pick the one(s) you want.
  5. Click OK when you've selected your division(s), and return to the Notification Settings form. Next, change the Time Tense and Time Interval settings. For some notifications (e.g. upcoming inspections assigned to you, or due dates for reviews), "Before" is the appropriate tense. To be notified of new reviews after they're added, change the Time Tense to After. You can also update how long after the review is added you'll be notified, by changing the settings in Time Interval.
  6. Click OK to save and close Notification Settings. You can close the Notifications selection form unless you want to set more of them.
  7. If you ever want to stop being notified, you can re-open Notifications and un-check the box next to your selections, or use the Clear All button to remove everything.
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