Create a New Permit/Project/License/Violation

New permits/licenses/projects/violations that are associated with an address or parcel(s) can be created from the  Addressing Pane or the Map to ensure they have the correct XY coordinates and GIS-derived details (e.g., zoning, historic district, tax bill numbers, etc.).

From the Addressing Pane

By default, the Addressing Pane is at the bottom left corner of your LAMA window. If you see Messages instead of Addressing, you can use the tab at the bottom of the pane to switch.  

To find an address, start by typing the address in the text box.  If the address you're looking for doesn't show up, try using wildcard characters in your search. There are more search topics available here.

When you've located the correct address, you can right-click anywhere on the address line, and then select Create New -> select the appropriate module.


From the Map

To create a new item from the map, navigate to the address or parcel on the map where you would like to create the permit/license/project/violation. Right-click above the location, and select Create New and the appropriate module.


If there is more than one address on the parcel you right-clicked, you may be prompted to select which address(s) you want to use.

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