Set a Notification - When Documents Are Added to a Specific Application

In LAMA, you can set reminders for yourself on specific applications, or set notifications for when certain events occur on specific applications.

If you are a reviewer and you request documents or information from a permit or license application, you can monitor for responses, including responses submitted via document uploads online.

To set document notifications on a specific permit application:

  1. Go to the Journal tab on the Permit Form and click the Notify Me link.
  2. In the Custom Notification form that opens, select Triggers.
  3. Check the Document Added box in the middle panel, and then change the Reminder Interval to 1 Hour After.

Once this is set, you will receive an email notification within an hour of a document being added to that specific permit or license.  This "Trigger" does not apply to all documents on all permits or licenses.  

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