Parts of the Screen

When you first open LAMA, the configuration will look like the example you see below. The primary sections of LAMA are:

  • Query Tree - This has a number of different nodes, which will vary from module to module. Whichever node is selected determines what's displayed in the Grid/Table section.
  • Grid/Table - The grid is where the list of your search or query results are populated. Its columns include more information about the objects you're viewing, like its current status, whether it's been flagged, etc.
  • Form - When you make a selection in the Grid/Table, it will be displayed in full in the Form section. This is where you can work with the object (e.g. complete events, add documents, etc.) and view all of the information already associated with it.
  • Addressing & Notifications - In this corner you can toggle between an address look-up form and a notifications form. The address look-up form will usually be on top. The addressing form only includes addresses that are in the City's GIS database. Selecting an address will show it on the Map.
  • Map - This one's pretty self-explanatory.

Screen Grab Labeled

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